Friday, July 27, 2007

TASK #75 - Get a Tattoo - Part 2

Hi all,

Well, it's over and I now have my first TAT!
What a cool experience. I'll share everything soon. But I know what you really want is to see it! So here it is. Hope you like it. The artist and I put it together and I added the initials of my daughters and the red fade. Let me know what you think.


Koi said...

Really great tattoo :) Congratulations on crossing another thing off your list!

I had already gotten two tattoos by the time I started my life list so that's not on mine, but I love how a lot of people include it on their lists. I really enjoy body art, thank you for sharing yours.


Anonymous said...

You rock Pablo!!! By far the coolest employee here at the Q. I love your tat, I think its way sexy hott. Too bad there is a dress code here about wearing inappropriate clothing-- If I were you, I'd be wearing cut off shirts showing that thing off!!! Way to go on accomplishing that.

Anonymous said...

I left that last message by the way

C said...

I hope you made this tattoo for you and not for the book.

No ?

Pablo Baez said...

I have always wanted a tattoo, so I did this one for both. And I have removed most 101 items I don't want to do, so this stayed on my list.