Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Salsa baby...it's in my blood

Hi all,

Long time no post! I know, I know..gotta get better at sharing my adventures. So here's an update:

I'm not even sure if this was officially on my list, but if it aint I'm putting it there. I decided to go for the salsa goal. Yup, signed up for a class and just did it. The class was 5 weeks, and dirt cheap...found it through my association, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee.
At the first class I found out that on the 6th class we were to perform in front of HPGM at their annual fundraiser event. So I learned salsa and accomplished my goal to be worthy of performing in front of a crowd.

What a cool event! There were hundreds of people there. And through the class I met lots of great people. Posted here are pics of the guys and girls that danced. That's me, the handsome guy with the blue tie! :)
We were all pumped to do it. And though you could tell we were newbies, we did ok. Had more fun after when we went out to try our moves at a real club called Fuego. I'm guessing I'll be back there and will probably take more classes to learn more moves.

Funny story...the reason I took the class was because of this couple I saw dancing at another club called Hot Water. They were amazing, especially the girl...seems like she could have danced with anyone and made them look good.
So get this...the night we went to Fuego I come back from the dance floor and there they were, sitting at the bar. It so happens that the people I was with knew them. So I talked to them...told em they had inspired me and that I was just learning. There girl was really cool about it, she told me to let her know whenever I wanted to practice and she would dance with me. Very cool!

Ok, next is the 1/2 marathon. check out the next post to find out where I'm at with it.

And if you wanna catch me one of these weekends, go to the salsa club and look for the handsome latino guy practicing his moves.


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