Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TASK #52 Read a book a week - one down, 51 to go!

Ok, there was an item on the list on books - "52. Read the Greatest Books Ever Written"
But I'd rather try reading 52 books in a year. Hey, at least it's task "52" and it's still on books!

My first book was, take a guess..."Speed Reading!" Ok, I tried reading that for like 2 days but it was taking too long. lol
So I switched to a book by Og Mandino called "Mission Success!" A great little story about a WWII bombardier who returns to England a millionaire and recounts how his month there during the war taught him everything he knew about life and success. Ok, ok, I'm a motivation and business book nut...but this is a good one!

My next book, which yes, I've started is called "e-Preneur" and it's a great little book that digs into the evolution of social networking groups that drove the creation of sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook. Then it teaches you how to crowd-preneur and develop your own revenue model. In plain speak, how to use online traffic to generate income! Very cool! So far I'm on page 55 of 207.

So far, I've got about 20 other books lined up including books about the web, marketing, management, motivation, and quality. I've also got the bible on my list, never read it all the way.

Have any recommendations? If you do, keep them reasonable...I'm not gonna tackle "War & Peace" in a week so don't even go there. 200 pgs and under is good if possible.

Ok, would love to chat but I have reading to do!


Anonymous said...

Books that I enjoyed that are short enough for one week are: Animal Farm, Perfume, Girlfriend in a Coma, The Day of the Triffids, and Atonement.

teamformallyknownas said...

Hey Pablo - Love the list and glad to see you checking things off already into the new year. I just wanted to give my very biased suggestion for a site that I think you may like to help you organize your list and add pictures, video, and stories to each one as your complete it. The site is www.elifelist.com and I am a cofounder of the site, so am a bit biased but wanted to let you know that it exists. Good luck on completing the marathon this year. That is on my 2009 goals as well.