Sunday, July 18, 2010

15,000 feet and falling!

Well's really on! Sunday, August 15th it's going down, or I'm going down, lol.
- I bought the skydive tickets through for $110.
- I posted it on Facebook, and so far 3 of my friends will be jumping with me.
- We'll need to be there by 7:30am, so we're gonna have to be up and out by 7, since it's about 30 minutes away, in East Troy, WI.
- I'll be doing a tandem (strapped to an instructor) so it will require minimal training. So from getting there to jumping should be around 2hours or so. 

Some of you may be asking WHY? For me this is an ultimate challenge. I did the Bungee, and that was terrifying, but it went so fast I really didn't experience the cognizant feeling of free fall - so I need to try the skydive.
Plus, this is one of the things I know I'll regret in my old age, if I don't try it now. Just don't want to look back and wish I had.

So, we have a month to mentally prepare, it's relatively cheap, and this place has tons of experience - who's with me?!

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Jessica said...

I bought MY skydiving jump from Groupon too, although yours was cheaper (by $15)! I bought if for me and my husband and we're planning to do ours in October so that after the parachute has been pulled, we can see all of the beautiful fall colors as we float down. I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!