Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm a TOUGH MUDDER, baby!

Yes, I did it.
10miles up and across a muddy ski mountain in 95 degree heat, with 5,000 pumped up and motivated crazies like me.
And after 3.5hrs and 20+ obstacles, including mud, fire, ice, and electricity, lol, I can say I did it!!

Actually, no, correction - We did it!! Our team - the Mil-Town Mad Dogs, our lil band of brothas and sistas, determined to say Yes to the challenge and No to every worn and torn fiber in our beings wanting to give up!

More details later, but for now...I urge anyone and everyone to try this. It's not a race, but a challenge. It's only as hard as you want to make it. Sure, it's 10miles!!! lol. But you'll be amazed what you can do when you're surrounded by supporting like-minded people, bent on seeing u succeed as much as themselves!

Do it. Join me next year, and when you run, walk, or even crawl across that finish line, you'll see how it could really change everything for you!


Death Race said...

Wow, you were so proud with yourself that you made it. Congratulations ! it was really a hard race and it need a great strength too. Keep it up !!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet it was a blast! I just did the Warrior Dash a couple of weeks ago and it was the most fun I've had all year! (less miles which I'm perfectly ok with!)