Sunday, July 31, 2005

TASK #88 Get Married Unusually

This was very cool. I had proposed the idea to my wife before we got to Vegas and she was receptive, though she would be at a conference, so she couldn't necessarily plan or help.
So I did it all and surprised her with the flowers, the veil, the champagne, the decorating of the car, and of course the reservations of the chapel driveway, at the Special Memory Wedding Chapel. I even had my Vegas family come and play the roles of the wedding party. The funniest part was when we were done and my brother was supposed to throw the rice - he thought it would be funny to leave it in the zip lock bag, so I got clobbered with a bag of rice instead of it raining rice. He's goofy that way. I'll add more details later. Check out the the chapel link if you want to do this - they even had an option to have Elvis and Marilyn Monroe as witnesses. :)

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