Friday, September 23, 2005


So here's the deal. Ever since I started this crazy "life-list" adventure, things have just been coming together. It's crazy, but what I have found is that as soon as you establish (on paper) what you want to achieve and you tell people, opportunities just start coming out of the woodwork.

I've actually read about this in a great little book called "The Ultimate Secret To getting Absolutely Everything You Want" by Mike Hernacki.

He basically explained that the secret to getting anything you want is actually really simple -
committment and a willness to do whatever it takes to get it done!
Problem is most people aren't "really" committed, they just say they are.

More to the point of "serendipity", in his book he dedicated a chapter to what he called "The Law of Attraction." The idea being that deeply ingrained and believed in visualizations of your desired goals are almost tangible objects that attract their real-life counterparts.
So if you want a new Corvette, and deeply believe you're willing to do anything to get it, the world will show you corvettes!

How serendipity has played out in my goals so far -
  • Bungie, Shooting, Wedding - Soon after I bought the book, I found that my trip to Vegas in July would provide me with the chance to finish as many as 10 items on my list. I opted to get 3 big ones done. Could have, but didn't do "Mile-high", "Skinny Dip", "Sky-dive", "Poker", "Hot-air Balloon", "Tattoo" & more.
  • Guinness Record attempt - I had three opportunities in 2 months! I did the last one.
  • Skydive - I've run into atleast 5 friends and relatives that have done it and offered advice and to join me when I jump.
  • Tattoo - all of a sudden there are parlors everywhere
  • Flying a plane - I've seen commercials and got contacted to take a 1st flight for only $49!
  • Ex-girlfriend - my father ran into my ex from 22 years ago! And just one week after I noticed it on my list - already made contact and exchanged emails.
  • Marathon - There are like 5 in my area within the next year, which I'd never even heard of - I'm signing up for one being done in May 2006.
  • Demonstration - saw one happening but couldn't find a parking spot, or I would have joined in.
  • Space Shuttle - got an email at work from someone looking for information about my company - she worked for the Space Shuttle program at Cape Canaveral!! I mentioned my goal and she's been letting me know of opportunities to see one. She even sent me personal pics of the recent launch.
  • etc.

I'm guessing as I continue I'll run into more "serendipitous" events, but it is amazing.

So I'm not saying the world had been delivering this stuff to me, but it sure does look like I'm attracting all the things I seek.

Any thoughts on this?

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