Monday, November 21, 2005

Task #17 Own a Pointless Collection

I went with Coasters (or bar napkins) of places I've been to. They're easy to keep, I can jot down notes about the experience on them, I can get people to autograph them, whatever!

Here are some of the ones I've collected so far!

New Honey Brown - I got at Mo's Irish Pub & Grill - good place right near my work! I met my dad there for lunch.

Pull Chain Pale Ale - that I got at the Milwaukee Ale House I believe for our dept welcome lunch for Val.

Water Street Brewery - another work lunch for more new staff people.

Mc Gillycuddy's - went there for lunch with Sonia - no big reason - just to eat I think.

Principato - this one I got from the Olive Garden. I like their Soup and Salad - all you can eat for $5.99 baby, what's not to like?!

Strawberry Passion Colada one - this one I got from Red Lobster for Sonia's b-day dinner. I worked there for years (lots of stories to tell someday, but not here) so I don't go there often, but Sonia and the girls absolutely love it. Gotta admit, so do I. Though they have the suckiest bar and beer selection in town!

The ASQ coaster - yeah, that's my work's. They produced this coaster as a gift during a staff recognition event. I would have preferred the drink to go on it, myself, but hey, it came in handy now.

Ok - I know this isn't exciting stuff, so I won't post anything on this again until I have a good story to go with the coaster!

Happy drinkin!!

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