Monday, October 08, 2007

Where have I been the past month?!!

Ok - I'm sorry I haven't posted anything over the last month but I've been going through a pretty big life change; my wife and I separated over the last 9 months and on Friday we were officially divorced. I know, I know...I never thought it would happen to me and my little family, and I did everything I could to keep my family together, but I finally realized I deserved better, so that's that! So now I'm just looking forward to a full and adventurous future with me, my girls, and whomever wants to be a part of my life.

So just to get back on track, I'm going to try and complete a challenge this week and tell all shortly after. Not sure which task, but I have some ideas. would be a good time to start fresh spiritually!

Wish me luck.


Ray said...

Sorry to hear about the divorce. Hard to keep up that positive mental 7 day diet thing when you've all that going on! Keep your head up Pablo and you're right, you can do better.

C said...

Are u still alive ?