Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TASK #52: Read a book a week - TWO DOWN, 50 BOOKS TO GO!

I just finished my second book, "e-Preneur", of my 2009 reading challenge!
Phew...207 idea-rich pages on entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing (like outsourcing but to an online community, not a person.)

I won't get into the details of it right now. But I'll say this...somewhat poorly edited, but nonetheless a good primer for anyone interested in learning about the successful development and leveraging of the power of online communities. Wanna know more? Go to YouTube and search "crowdsourcing" and you'll find some informative videos.

So what am I gonna do with this newfound knowledge? Not sure yet. I think I'm gonna let it settle in for a couple of weeks and maybe tackle another book, aptly called "Crowdsourcing" and get another perspective on it. Regardless, this cutting edge approach to content assessment and development is certainly gonna help me better do my job.

So what's next on my reading list? Hm...something short and light I'm thinking- say under 150 pages...just to get caught up again on my Sun-Sun cycle
. I have "Animal Farm" which I read so long ago I can't remember much of it, but one of you suggested. I have "The Richest Man in Babylon", a little motivational book that I started years ago but never finished.

Any suggestions for a short read?

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