Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TASK #52: Book 5 done! Wanna be a creative genius?

Finished book 5 of my book-a-week challenge - "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci."
All I can say is, wow! DaVinci was so prolific and diverse, it just blows my mind. Author, musician, scientist, painter, anatomist, sculpter, war-strategist, and fore-thinker of dozens of techiniques, practices, and methodologies. He even started one of my practices - Mindmapping - which I use quite a bit for brainstorming and project planning.
There was just so much to cover in the book the author did all he could to think of 7 key strategies he could teach us to become as creative as DaVinci. He really did make me believe that given the commitment to these methods and practices that I could approach it. What were they? Wait, even better, here's a mindmap of them!

I don't have time to expound on these concepts but I would highly recommend you read this book if you want to launch your creative and innovative skills into a whole new level.

So what's next for my reading adventure? I have tons of books to choose from now, but people are starting to notice my affinity for business/finance books and my friend Linda recommended "The Wealthy Barber". I ran into it at the library and thought to read the intro, just to see. Well, I got hooked and kept reading! So far I'm over 80pgs in and find it is probably the most entertaining financial planning book I've ever come across. It does really cover the basics, similar to Bach's "Automatic Millionaire", but the narative is much more entertaining.

Should be done with this one soon and on to something work related, most likely. But keep the recommendations coming - I still have 46 books to finish! Wish me luck!

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