Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TASK #23 Complete the 7-day Mental Diet

Ok - I replaced the old #23 challenge with this one.

I've been, er, in need of some anger management skills recently. Must be doing too much!
So I threw in this short term challenge which I read about somewhere, to get back on the positive track.
For 7 days, from today (9/20) to next Tuesday (9/27) I'm going on the 7-day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox. The challenge is to think positive and to fight off bad-talk, gossip, making fun of people, and pretty much all negativity from around and within me.

Sound easy? Try it for a day and you'll see how hard it really is.
You'll be astounded by how much negativity and whinning gets thrown around (including from yourself) and how unpopular it is to look at the bright side of things.
And if I make a mistake, or don't counter a negative with a positive I have to start entirely over (with a break in days)!

Here's are all the details, if you're interested.

Wish me luck!!

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