Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TASK #86 Run a Marathon

I'm seriously considering doing this one as my next big challenge.
I've never done any running, but could use this as a motivator to exercise more consistently, and lose a few pounds in the process - I won't miss 'em.

I found a website that lists upcoming 2005-06 marathons and there's one held annually in nearby Lake Geneva, WI, that sounds pretty good. They have a half-marathon or full-marathon option, food, festivities, prizes - the works! They accept 1000 runners, which would be an awesome crowd to run with - the bigger the crowd, the better the odds I won't be last. :)

Check out the course. Looks huge!!
Also found some sites with tips on marathon training that I will need to consider while I develop a training plan. Going from non-runner to Marathon runner in 8-9 months will require some serious training!

For now, just to get my legs back in action after the 24 hour Guinness attempt (yeah, I'm still feelin' it!), I've started biking every other day.

I'll provide updates as to what I learn as I go.
Friends and family - let me know if you want to join me!


Ryan said...

That is so awesome man. Very cool to read about what you're doing.

You've inspired me to make my own list. Thank you so much.

I'll keep track of your adventures, take care!


Jeff said...

I am cheering you on as you get ready to prepare for your marathon. I love you blog and love what you are doing. I think the more people that read your blog will be inspired to make their own list. Keep up the good work!