Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TASK #86 Run a Marathon Update 4!

Quick update since I haven't written in so long...

I've been training slowly but surely. First run, I barely made it around my neighborhood.
But now I frequent the gym and and up to 4 miles non-stop on the treadmill and about 3+ miles non-stop on the track. I'd like to get to 8-10 miles non-stop prior to the 1/2 marathon in May. Which means I have about 2 months to double my distance.
I recently found out that the path of this marathon has many hills. Something I hadn't considered. I'll need to start hill training within a month.
A lot of other stuff has been going on in my life besides this - big stuff - but I've tried to keep my training going regardless. Good weeks I train 3-4 times, bad weeks I train 2-3 times.

Throughout all this, my beatiful wife and I have accomplished another huge goal that you won't believe! It's a big step related to another list item and one that will change my life!

Look out for the next post to find out more.


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Anonymous said...

I just found this book, did a little research (Google), and i found your blog. This is really inspiring actually. Keep it up!