Thursday, August 02, 2007

A new challenge - "My defining year at work!"

I'm adding this because I think as challenges come, it could make the most difference in my life and that of my daughters. I read about this in a business book, about how people coast through their jobs, really not giving more than 50% of their energy, at best. But if only we were to decide to give 100%+ that we could really excel and make a difference.

So I've decided to take this on as a challenge. This will be "my defining year at work."
I'm going to take out all the stops and really try and make a difference and prove my value.
I'll have to define what success will look like at the end of the year, so I can clearly define a path and plan of action. So I'll come back to this with more soon.

But for now, some basic goals include:
  1. Complete my personal plan objectives as soon as possible (at least 2 before Christmas).
  2. Map out my organizations plans and objectives and find a niche within this that I can add value to, something that taps into my innate skills, talents, and passions. It should have a direct impact on the bottom line.
  3. Find a way to give back to everyone that contributes to my success.
  4. Create a personal portfolio of my achievements (processes, products, and results I've impacted.)

Ok, gotta get back to work! :)


De said...

That sounds like something I need to do when I get back! Thanks for the motivation!

JQ said...

Have you gotten arrested yet? If you work hard enough on that, you will get one done.