Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TASK #80 Hit my target weight!

I've done it!!

I've lost more than the 15 lbs I aimed for way back. My highest weight was 165 and now I'm down to 140!! So I've lost 25 lbs!!!!
Most of this I attest to my marathon training, which is slow going but still has made a huge impact on my health and waistline (now a 29-30 which is what I wore in HS - crazy!)

So I recommend doing what I did if you want to lose weight. I started by running around the block every couple of days, then going to the gym and treadmilling it. I aimed for time, not distance. First week I tried to run 5-10 minutes. It was hard. Then I added minutes/miles as the weeks went by. Now I'm up to 5-7 miles and 45-90 minutes.

Good luck. Picture forthcoming.

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