Friday, December 04, 2009

Adding a few new items to my list

While I have these Todos top of mind I thought I'd add them to my list of things -

  • Take a self-made millionaire out to dinner - this was a recommendation from a speaker I heard recently as the best way to learn how to succeed. It seems impossible I know, but I'm gonna find a way to make it happen! I think this idea came from the Millionaire Mind book - one of my favorites!
  • Get featured in Success magazine - this is by far my favorite magazine. It's full of great motivational and business content from some of the most amazing people on the planet. Last week it featured Joel Osteen and this week Alicia Keys! I know, who'd have thought. And now...get this, every issue includes a free audio CD full of interviews of the featured people and classic business and personal development gurus! This thing is a it would be the ultimate achievement to be featured in it! 
Ok, more on both of these later.

Best regards, my friends.



Jessica said...

Hey, haven't heard from you in awhile-glad to see you are still around!

I'm always impressed with your drive towards personal and financial success. I'm personally not geared that way, but am always impressed with others who work towards that end. And I think there are more millionaires out there than you think-you should be able to find one to take to dinner!

Pablo Baez said...

Yes, Jessica, I guess one of my big goals has always been financial I can get everything else done. :)

I should be able to find a millionaire relatively easy...

So, anyone out there know a millionaire? Let me know and dinner is on me, lol.

Angelica J Obregon said...

Isn't Joel Osteen that successful Country Musician personality?