Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adding a few new items to my list 2

Ok, just thought of a few more things I'd like to add as well. Man, I'm never gonna finish all this, lol.
These are mainly things I'd like to get certified or licensed for, just cause - 
  • Get my bartender's license - Always wanted to do this, just to do it and maybe even bartend for fun at some point. 
  • Become a Notary Public - I've heard this can be a way to make a little cash on the side and it'd be kinda cool to say I've done it.
  • Get my Real Estate license - I have been meaning to do this forever. My plan is to buy 5 investment properties as my real estate empire. All part of my Making Enough Money to do Everything on my List goal, lol.
  • Get my Minister's license - I know, I'm not even that religious, but I think it'd be cool to marry someone at some point. Just being a part of that would be cool.
  • Get my blackbelt - or become some kind of martial arts master. Always wanted to learn Hapkido actual, after seeing Above the Law with Steven Segal. Maybe I'll look into that! 
Ok, I'll update you on my progress on these eventually. Right now I'm working on an online business idea to generate some side income. Started this so many times, I just have to pick an idea and get it going already!

Share comments's so nice getting feedback. Keeps me going.


Jessica said...

I bartended without a license; in NC its not required, but bartending WAS fun (at least when I was younger, the late nights may be too much for me nowadays). Also, in NC, becoming a Notary Public only takes going to a day-long class, and I've thought about doing that myself, just b/c there have been several times it would have been helpful for friends and colleagues. You could get your minister's license online!

Pablo Baez said...

Hey Jessica!

Thanks for the info. I do plan on doing the bartenders license cause I did a little of it back in my waitering days and it was fun.

I'm looking into the notary thing.

And guess what? I'm a minister!! lol
I looked online and got ordained right away. I'll need to learn the marriage process and vows before I conduct a wedding but I'm all over it!

Gotta post the news on my blog. But need to fashion it so I don't offend anyone, since this is strictly non-religious. But I'll post soon.

Thanks for all your support. You're amazing. And if we were nearby I'd be all over the Guinness skinny dip! :) Don't forget to post pics, lol.

Gina said...

Those are all great things to add to the could anyone possibly accomplish everything they want to do in this life??

I would love to learn how to flip bottles around and pour drinks behind my back. That just seems like a really good trick to have when entertaining guests (like self-made millionaires).

You just made me think of how funny I'm going to look when I join Jessica for the skinny dip. Let's see...I'll be 7 months preggo around that time. People are going to think I'm a beached whale. :)

Steve said...

Those are great ideas. Those licenses would be interesting to have. I don't think they take all that much time either. I don't know how often I would use the minister's license, but it would be cool to have.

Pablo Baez said...

Gina - I'm so glad I inspired you! Yes, you will look very cool flipping bottles...make sure to catch that on video and post it for us all to see! :)

Steve - I think I picked most of them because they're pretty easy to get and would be fun to have.

I've added another item and finished 2 of these already, so I'm on a roll! I have to update my posts and let you know all I've accomplished and how. Let me know your thoughts on improving my posts.
And keep it up on your end too!