Friday, July 22, 2005

TASK #0 Write a list!

This all began when I was browsing through an airport bookstore shelf and ran into an article about the host from the show "The Amazing Race". (Love this show!)
I forget the guy's name, but the article talked about how, after having a life-changing, near-death experience, he decided to write a list of all the things he wanted to do before he died. The article continued by looking at other successful men, noting that many of them also had lists.

They had all written lists, and (here's the key) they had all decided, right then and there, that they would be true to the lists, no matter what.

The list -
The idea of this stuck with me, and weeks later I ran into the book "101 Things To Do before You Die" while browsing the bookstore shelves. (Funny how things come together when you plant the seed in your mind. ...more on this later.)

Anyways, the book provides you with a list of challenges ranging from learning how to cook, to traveling around the world. It's structured well, providing you with steps, checklists, and suggestions on how to finish multiple challenges at once. Many of the challenges are pretty goofy (get arrested), and some are close to impossible (visit every country), but I liked it.

My purpose for the blog -
So here I am - about a month later, with quite a few of my challenges completed.
One particular challenge is to author a book - so I'm hoping this blog will act as both an adventure journal and as a way to gather ideas and stories about others' adventures and their lists.

Future posts -
Each future post will detail a completed challenge or update you on an ongoing challenge.

Well, that's all for now. Please don't hesitate to post responses.

**Disclaimer -
The intent of this blog and the author is not to encourage anyone to go out to do what I've done. It's your life. Make your own list, and take your own risks at your own discretion. But what I would encourage you to do is to go out and live life - don't wait - time is passing more quickly than you think. Plan your life and live your plan and great things will happen!

Bye for now!



marrenonline said...

Hi Pablo. I'm Marren (from the Philippines). Like you, I also stumble into the "101 Things To Do Before You Die" at the Newcastle airport. The book is really impossible to complete. But I attempted though. Ciao!

jmeadows said...

Hey Pablo, just letting you know that I, too, am attempting to do 101 things before you die. Check out my blog at