Friday, July 22, 2005



Ok, apparently others have thought of this ideas of chronicalling their 101 things to do. So I guess the race is on!
I also found the website for the book I'm following - if anyone is interesting in checking it out.

But most importantly, here is the list of 101 -
1 Write a Best-Seller
2 Swim With ...
3 Win an Award, Trophy or Prize
4 Catch A Fish With Your Bare Hands
5 Make a Discovery
6 Throw A House Party When Your Parents Are Out - Did this - need to post!
7 Be Part Of A Threesome - this one's from the book. Not sure if this will ever happen, lol.
8 Realize Your Childhood Dream - hm, not sure what the heck this might be!
9 Learn That Instrument
10 Leave Your Mark In Graffiti
11 Storm Chase A Tornado
12 Get A Piece of Art into a Exhibition
13 Meet Someone With Your Own Name - so far only online
14 Ride the World's Biggest Rollercoasters - this isn't gonna happen. they make me sick, lol.
15 Stage Dive or Crowd Surf
16 Get into the Guinness Book of World Records
17 Own a Pointless Collection  Coasters collection
18 Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory Into Practice
19 Master Poker and Win Big in a Casino
20 Get Backstage and Get Off With a Star
21 Be a Human Guinea Pig
22 Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon

Get Arrested – if it happens, so be it.
Replacement challenge:
23 Try the 7-day positivity diet made it to 4 days so far. gonna try again

24 See a Space Shuttle Launch (schedule)
25 Capture the Moment in an Award-winning Photograph
26 Bungee Jump
27 See an Erupting Volcano
28 Sky Dive - scheduled for Aug 2010
29 Meet Your Idol - hm? Not sure who. Suggestions??
30 Stay in the Best Suite in a Five Star Hotel
31 Experience Weightlessness
32 See the Aurora Borealis
33 Get to Score a Hole in One
34 Design Your Own Cocktail
35 Play a Part in Your Favourite TV Show

36 Visit Every Country - on my top 25 list

37 Make Fire Without Matches
38 See These Animals in the Wild
39 Go to the Dogs
40 Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
41 Be Friends With Your Ex
42 Hit Your Targets
43 Throw a Dart into a Map and Travel to Where it Lands
44 Attend a Film Premiere - Technically did this for the Penny, though it was straight to DVD.
45 Do a Runner From a Fancy Restaurant It wasn't fancy but still crazy!
46 Scuba Dive
47 Milk a Cow

48 Replacement - Go to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
49 See Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses
50 Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame
51 Learn Another Language
52 Read the Greatest Books Ever Written
53 Complete a Coast to Coast Road Trip Across America
54 Make at Least One Huge Purchase You Can't Afford
55 Score the Winning Goal/Try/Basket
56 Crash A Fancy Party
57 See the All-time Greatest Films (75% done!)
58 Live in the Place You Love (NY?/Oceanside in Caribbean or atleast overlooking a beach?)
59 Leave a Job You Hate
60 Take Part in a Police Line-up
61 Get Away with the Perfect Practical Joke or Hoax
62 Join the Mile High Club
63 Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper
64 Drive a Car at Top Speed (atleast 130mph)
65 Shout 'Drinks Are on Me!' in a Pub or Bar
66 Be Part of a Flash Mob
67 Visit ... (every continent/country)
68 Save Someones Life
69 In Various Languages, Learn to say...
70 Invent a Word That Makes it into the Dictionary
71 Have Adventurous Sex
72 Start a home-based business that provides me Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List
73 Stand on the International Date Line
74 Learn to Fly a Plane - Did this! Flew a small craft through a groupon deal. Ok, wasn't any serious flying, but got to take the stick and guide it myself. Was pretty cool.
75 Get a Tattoo and/or a Piercing
76 Invent Something
77 Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky
78 Drink a Vintage Wine
79 Answer a Personal Ad

XX Spend Christmas on the Beach - might still do this one now!

80 Hit my target weight! Lose 15 lbs in 3 months (5 lbs/month from Nov to Jan)
81 Get Barred From a Pub or Bar

82 Buy Your Dream House on the Beach!
83 Skinny Dip at Midnight
84 Sell all Your Junk on Amazon (eBay) and Make a Profit - Did this when we were getting out of debt. Sold a ton of stuff on Ebay, made a couple of thousand dollars.
85 Visit the World's Tallest Buildings
86 Run a Marathon - Did this, Greenbay Marathon!
87 Conquer Your Fear - hm...could be sharks, scorpions, or ??
88 Get Married Unusually  - did this, remarried in a Vegas Drive Through Chapel. Was fun though it didn't save my marriage, lol
89 Throw Away the Instant Noodles
90 Join the 16-Mile High Club
91 Publish a Cult Website
92 Own an Original Work of Art - sort of, bought a small piece at a benefit. But I want to buy a major showcase piece to call this one a done deal.
93 Complete the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
94 Get Something Named After You
95 Get Revenge
96 Be an Extra in a Film

XX Live Out of a Van - too goofy and not practical for a dad

97 Get a Bachelor's Degree, then my Master's Degree in Marketing or Small Business Management

98 Go On a Demonstration
99 Confess
100 Reach 100 Years of Age
101 Continue Your Gene Pool
102 Get Lasik eye surgery Done 05/2006
103 Replacement Challenge - Do "open mic" of some kind.

More (possible replacement) goals
104 Achieve ideal weight and body fat level and maintian for atleast a year.
105 Learn to invest and buy some stock. Started buying a few, but mutual funds really have been doin' better! 
106 Take a self-made millionaire out for dinner and learn everything you can about their success. Did lunch with a partner of a millionaire team that owned a small biz
107 Get featured in Success Magazine
108 Learn to make Sushi
109 Create a Mastermind Group - like Napoleon Hill suggested
110 Become a Notary Public
111 Become a Minister
112 Take my daughters on a Cruise! Planned for Oct 2010 - Done and loved it!
113 Learn a Martial Art - maybe Hapkido
114 Get Zoom Whitening done - always wanted a brighter smile Done at Gurnee Mills Mall!
115 Buy 6 properties and own a real estate empire!! 1 2 down! :)
116 Leave the best tip ever for a wait person - Did it! Left a $100 tip to an amazing friend working two waitressing jobs to make ends meet. Couldn't pass up the opp!


Dazed and Confused said...


all the power to you :)

checkout my list and let me know what you think :)

Anonymous said...

Where can you stand on the international date line? Greenwich, England?

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool blog. Very inspiring.

Infact, it's inspired me to make one of my own :)
Check it out sometime

Liz said...

Hey, I was randomly searching through blogs- looking for some more things to add to my list of 100 (it actually has wound up being more then that) things I want to do. AKA. My Bucket List. /anyway I came across your blog and we have a few of the same things on our list! The race is on! Ohh and btw my fiance' and I are doing the Total Money Make over as well. Good luck! Keep at it. And make sure you back up your blogs because this has been really fun to check out. =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing pablo!!! ive done a few of these things myself :)

and we r gonna do the jumpin outta the airplane thing 2gether....FUN STUFF!!