Tuesday, July 26, 2005

TASKS Completed Prior to Official List

You've probably completed some of the tasks in this book! You might be doing it and you don't know it!

Here are the tasks I had done when I picked up the book the first time.

TASK #9: Learn that instrument
My dad put a classical guitar in my hand when I was like 8 years old. I had no interest until I was shipped off to Puerto Rico when I was eleven to learn spanish. My father's family all played guitar so I was surrounded by musicians almost constantly. Unfortunately they were also really bad teachers, so I spent most of my days sitting in my tv-less 6'x6' room trying to figure it out. I figured it out. My favorite guitar music site is Ultimate-Guitar!

TASK #21: Be a human guinea pig
During my early college years I was offered extra credit to be a part of a psychology experiment.
I was put in a room that only had a couch, a table, and a small TV on a stand showing old cartoons or something. I was told to nothing. Afterwards I was asked to answer psychological questions. I'm not sure what happened in the room or what they did to me, but it was a very odd experience. I never figured out what it was about, but the questions were all geared toward my memories of the room and what it made me think about. Oh, the magic of science!
Wanna learn how to become a Human Guinea Pig? Check out this info on SoYouWanna.com!

TASK #39: Go to the Dogs
Went to the dog track for the first time years ago. I told myself that if I won big, I would never go back. A few minutes later, I won a Trifecta (picked 1st, 2ns, 3rd place dogs in one race) and I haven't been back since. Wanna go to the dogs?
In Wisconsin check out Dairyland Greyhound Park, or Geneva Lakes Kennel Club. Go here to find dog tracks across the US.

TASK #51: Learn another language
I was brought up with English and Spanish, but didn't truly learn Spanish until my visit to Puerto Rico. Only after about 5 months there, being immersed in it, I became pretty fluent. The wierdest part of language immersion is that you start dreaming in that language. That's when you know you're there.
I'm now learning Italian, in prep for our big trip to Venice in a couple of years. Check out this foreign language resources site if you're interested.

TASK #59: Leave a job you hate
I learned to hate waiting tables at a seafood restaurant chain (guess where), and about 7 years ago decided to get out of it. It was scary because I had never worked in the private sector, but it was the best thing I could ever have done. While there I was exposed to murder, suicide, cheating, stealing, drug addiction, depression, pornography, prostitution, cross-dressing, and of course, alcoholism. Need help with this - MSN Careers is one of the best sites I've seen!

Task #101: Continue your gene pool
I've got two daughters, so I'm good on this one. Need help? Check out E-Harmony.com

Next Blog - my first big challenge - Bungee Jumping!!

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