Sunday, January 08, 2006


For those of you adult returning students trying to finish your degrees, I feel for you!
My last class was a monster - Physics II. It was only hard because I'd been out of school for like 5 years and lost all pre-requisite knowledge. I can tell you though, times have changed, and there are internet resources everywhere. Here are some of the better physics sites I frequented to supplement my lectures:

  1. - this was the student companion site for my book. It has solved questions, sample exams, etc.
  2. - this site had good graphic examples
  3. - this site had comparable sample exams worth practicing with
  4. - this site had basic physics articles covering concepts like electromagnetism, etc. Watch out though - lot of pop-ups here!
  5. - this is a very nice "World of Physics" overview site
  6. - this one is a High School physics study site - still covered some concepts well.

There are more sites out there, but these seem somewhat more organized and helpful.

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