Sunday, January 08, 2006

TASK #84 Sell all Your Junk on Amazon (eBay) and Make a Profit

I've gotten started on this and it could potentially cover a few tasks if I could make this into a profitable business!

I've been selling my movies, books, CDs, and other items around the house mainly on Amazon and EBay. I've found that getting top listing on Amazon is easier than Ebay, though it takes a bigger piece of the action. So far I've sold about $400 in stuff. Not bad, considering that's more than what we made at our annual rummage sale this last summer.

I've gotten even smarter by having my profits direct-deposit into an amazingly high-yield 4.25% savings account with HSBC (I found through, which I'll be using for investing in Stocks for the first time (through . Time to diversify baby!
Oh, and if you want to learn how to invest without spending a dime, i'd recommend trying a place like Forex Exchange - What is Forex? It allows you to invest with pretend money but tracked in the real market.

BTW - I'm going to start adding how-to checklists you can use to do what I've done (so far at least). May as well make this useful to you since you took the time to read it!


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Anonymous said...

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